Friday, March 31, 2006

la la la

la la la lo lo lo
la la la lo lo lo
She my angel, she love me too
we built a castle , a igloo too
lo! came the wave , a snowstorm too
gone is the igloo , and the sand castle too
bah! but she is here, and her spirit too
no i will revel under her prime
she will pay me real fine
a nickel for every dime
a kiss for every crime
la la la lo lo lo
la la la lo lo lo

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Mind shattered in day's abuse
i gather myself to amuse
mundane! mundane! life, sets the madness loose
i pick a pen, paper, and summon my muse
Letting the ink flow i rejoice
no room for stability, no room for poise
Rumbling words from grumbling thoughts
In a mundane day what battles are fought?
Pretending to enjoy this dry sunrise
acting like the blessed, paying the price
of having chosen this air to breathe
of having chosen this time to be
A life, no more no less
A life, morose! eventless!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Nude you

I saw you in the ocean,
I saw you in the lake,
I saw you in the bath tub,
oops! by mistake!
i never really meant to...
I am sorry as hell,
but my! it was a sight,
now what can i tell?
a terrible coincidence,
thats what it was
but even if i cud revert
i think i would pass..
not much i see anyways..
not much that i cherish
hell! that wondrous sight!
will last till i perish..
to think i would have gone on
rest of my life without this pleasure
to not have know that behind..
every door there lies a tressure....i shudder!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Time to be bold!!

Hush my babe dont cry, its time to be bold.
let em give u a try, it aint the times of old.
rising like a north star, that brightly shines
those days are gone afar, those pitful whines
Called a bitch in the heat, oh mother of our lord
Called a witch indeed, oh wife of our god
payback time in new time zone
knock em down, u aint alone
burn em on the pire, those hungry dogs
show em the fire, that stars and planet hogs
hush my babe dont cry, its time to be bold.
its the begining of a new tale yet untold.

Monday, March 06, 2006


moustache men , lion's den!!
war! and courage, bah! pecking hen!

what son died , in another man's war?
what losses? what gains?
just is a farce! a waterless rain!!

a way of life glorified!
another ridiculed! clownified!!
hungry hungry scum
ate the sunlight, the rain , and the rainbow!!
bittery bittery rum
no taste, no kick, no high, no low!!

clean the blood, bury the dead
lets clear the field, mould the lead
they are lining up, to die again
billions blown in vain,
dumb world jus became insane!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

A Shallow Joy

Desparado hopes, linking bridges and building slopes
climbing a mountain with raw courage, no ropes
slicing a moment with a chiselled smile
making everyone feel u r u and sunday smile
but dragging shit, and carpet clugs all the while
walloing swallowing ur dreams
shutting out, blocking down , those gut piercing screams
eeeeeeeech!!!! out of the paining heart
slowly mowing, pulling it apart
squeezing , dripping, the pail empties
all hurt! all pain!! all lies!
her smile all sundayish, all coy
left am i with a shallow joy

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I am still walking among the trees, one of them bears a sinful fruit, i plan to spot it and lead my beloved there, so that she may commit the sin that she and she alone can commit, then and only then can i be relieved of this mindless, painfull paradise.