Sunday, May 21, 2006


It can be only a gift, this feeling, this heart thumping- mind churning- soul soothing feeling that comes to those so helplessly in love that they break the routine of even as normal a thing as breathing to think about that one person who has stolen the senses away from their thoughts, the sleep away from their nights and the sanity away from their actions.

It is a gift, yes. The loved may not love back in return, the adored may not adore back in return, but then; that is hardly the objective of being in love. If you expect to be loved back in return for your love than you might as well love yourself and shield yourself from the agony. The objective but, of the one in love is both the charecteristic and the test.

It ought to be in the charecter of a lover to love irrespective of what comes in return. Sorrow comes as extra baggage along with expectations. When the expectation is nothing there can be no sorrow, and those who tell that there is sorrow in love are the very same ones who insist on bartering love for love. It is not for them, this gift of feeling so happy about being able to care so much about someone who may or may not care for them back in the same way.

It is a test for the lover, to love and expect rejection, to care and expect nothing, to long for not a galnce of the beloved, but long that they live in perinial joy, and in that joy of their beloved experience the unlimited joy that love is capable of bringing into ones life.

She will one day be far away, she will one day be someone else's, she will one day forget me. Then too i would thank her, for leting me love her. Thankyou.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger lilly said...

mr shah of blah, u r a greater fool than me ,ludicrously more sentimentalistic than me..but then that is what love does to the sanest of human beings.. all these high sounding phrases u have used will come to no avail, when u will be seized by a pain that will make u a living zombie..its no good heaping praises over 'la belle dame sans merci'.
ill give u the best advice. fall in love again with the right person.the only cure for broken heart is to love again.
love is the only emotion which turns to bitterness if not amplified and transferred from the giver to the taker..
love that is not reciprocated rots the hapless jus trying to save u frm the imminent destruction if u dont stop loving her madly expecting, nothing in return.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger Shah of Blah said...

Who more deserving than her ?? who??

At 2:07 PM, Blogger lilly said...

There must be someone! Keep your eyes open, ur mind unprejudiced. It's the desperate lover in you, who feels she is peerless.
It happens.I too was under such a delusion.. experience my boy !

At 2:24 AM, Blogger tamizh said...

i like this post too

At 10:57 PM, Blogger tamizh said...

jus now read this conversation.. if u don mind, to Lilly - its hard to start things from scratch, once u feel the pleasure of the ripened love, which has no expectations...

All the best shah! try, don give up..


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