Monday, April 24, 2006

A dream dies when one wakes up to the realization that what he breathes now is real and what he saw then is but an uncapturable moment that he experienced not in consiousness but in the lack of it. What on the other hand is reality? is it not too an uncapturable moment experienced? Does Having lived the moment in private away from anyone who can bear witness to it make a dream unreal? A moment in what one might venture to call reality is witnessed only by beings in that world, and as such these beings cannot be summoned into your dreams to testify for what is actually real. So too the beings in the dreams cannot be summoned to bear testimony to your actions in the world that they live in and to promise before a crowd, that wherefrom he came is the reality and the one he speaks in is but a dream. Being this the case one is left an undecipherable ambiguity where reality and dream co exist and one cannot be denied without denying the other, and one cannot be taken more seriously while refering to the other as just an unwanted fleet of images and emotions generated by a resting mind to keep its sanity from passing and to protect its abilities from rusting. The fact that every day in what we percieve as reality picks up from where one left it the previous time may add credence to the calling of this existance as realty. On the other hand the existance wherein randomness is predominont is considered a dream. In this argument one fails to note that in both cases there does exist randomness but only in a different degree. Should we then depend on the degree of randomness of a particular existance distinguish between reality and dream? For that being the case one well knows that randomness becomes more and more over powering as one travels more and more into the realms of the smaller and smaller. Quite surely then one should arrive at the conclusion that a collection of dreams maketh reality and that reality can be broken down to dreams.


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first of all, the colours.


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depressing. good job


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