Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stars Rule

Sitting here in morbid reality, unfazed by the peril ahead. Doom-shy stubborness cloaks all my brittle emotions and i rely on fake faces to mask the ugly skin. A smile scars the soulful sorrow, a twinkle in the eyes blinks away the liquid, I am; but I am not, For I love her a lot. Sudden mellow thoughts, unwarned thoughts of rage, macabre chaos, gentle calmness, life is a mess, moods sway, here and there, a tree's branch swinging with nothing really to say. Middle men reality, doll story fakeness, conflicting realities both; dolls with broken parts; mendable, men with broken hearts; expendable. Lose focus, lose hope, lose the shore, hell! loser! lose it all!

Once in a lonely forest, a squirrel lost its heart to the moon. Determined to win the heart of the waxen queen in return, the squirrel began climbing. Sad story ends with squirrel on the tree top of the tallest tree on the tallest mountain yet far far away from the gloriously illuminated floating beauty. 'Go Home Son' said a star 'dig a hole and stay there'

Keep it fake, keep it smiling, no real use of cyring out loud. No real hope of disproving the stars.


At 3:55 PM, Anonymous booleanfalse said...

Hey Dude.. Be an archer who aims for the stars. His arrow may not reach the stars, but will travel beyond known boundaries..

At 10:54 AM, Blogger lilly said...

hey dude...be a realistic who aims not for the stars tat are lightyears away.His sights may reach the stars but his hands will never embrace them.
Im a plagiarist !!!Shah of Blah..sure did i miss u!


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